The Negotiators Film

Bringing Peace to a Troubled World

The Negotiators is a work-in-progress documentary about the business of peace - essential viewing for anyone curious about the restless intricacies of global politics.  We follow top-level negotiators into three separate conflict zones to tell the story of how peace is made in the 21st Century.

Even before the birth of the United Nations 65 years ago, the international community aimed to develop the ‘instruments of peace’ to forestall war.  To a degree this has succeeded – World War III has been averted.  Yet the nature of war in modern times has changed and, today, a world without violent conflict remains impossible to imagine.  Bilateral wars that pit a single side and their allies against another have defined the 20th Century.  Peacemaking then was about bringing two sides to the table.  Today's wars are often internalized, multilateral conflicts with numerous warring factions and peace negotiation has never been so intricate nor so misunderstood.  But if we can understand the process of peace in greater detail, we can make real progress.  And progress would benefit those whose lives conflict has torn apart.

"The Negotiators" focuses on three negotiators working on the frontlines of three conflict zones: the Democratic Republic of Congo, Israel/Palestine, and Afghanistan.  In the DR Congo, we hear from a UN veteran about what it means to fight with one hand tied behind your back; in Israel/ Palestine we ask about what women can bring to the deadlock there; in Afghanistan we hear about the dangers – and perhaps the inevitability – of having to negotiate with the Taliban.  We put these three testimonies into context by intercutting interviews from well-known diplomats and negotiators who have defined peacemaking in the last decade.

A grant from the United States Institute for Peace has made the first part of “The Negotiators” possible.